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Taking Action

Based on the results of the monitoring and measuring step, managers need to take appropriate actions. Taking action includes the following:

  • Coaching
  • Recognizing/rewarding
  • Disciplinary action
  • Performance appraisal

If an employee isn't meeting my expectations I need to provide coaching. Coaching sessions are held to improve a person's future performance. The purpose of coaching is not to "chew out" or threaten a person if performance is not improved. Coaches need to make the connection between the employee's current behavior and the business consequence. And secondly, coaches discuss what new behaviors will lead to better or improved results.

The essence of coaching is providing feedback and suggestions on how to improve performance.

Recognizing and rewarding good or improved performance is an important part of every manager's job. Recognition is the words used to praise an employee's performance. When managers recognize people, in essence they are saying "I've noticed." Most people like being noticed and appreciated for their contribution. Don't overlook people who quietly and effectively do their job. Focus on both results and skills. When recognizing someone, it's important to be specific, sincere, and timely.

Let's assume an employee is not meeting your expectations. You've provided feedback and coaching on several occasions, but the employee's performance is still not meeting your expectations. What do you do? Take disciplinary action. Most companies use an approach called progressive discipline which includes four steps:

  • Verbal warning
  • Written warning
  • Final written warning or suspension
  • Discharge

The objective of disciplinary action is to "formally" let the person know their performance is below expectations and if improvement doesn't occur they are subject to further discipline up to and including discharge.

The final step of "taking action" is conducting the formal performance appraisal. At most companies this is done annually. Managers complete a "performance appraisal" form that becomes part of the employee's personnel file.



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